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The Retreat You Don't Want To Miss

Hey there, friend! I'm excited to share something exciting with you that I believe can transform how you see, think about, and love yourself.

Are you tired of not believing that you are worth it? Are you ready to elevate your mindset to believe that you are deserving of the life that you have created for yourself? Are you tired of listening to the voices of other people playing over in your head telling you why you shouldn't do it, why you shouldn't have it, why it can't be for you? Learning how to love and value yourself after being around people who have constantly told you that you weren't good enough, you didn't deserve it, you wouldn't survive without them can be almost impossible. You've made it out of the impossible (whatever that was for you) and you are finally living the life that you needed and wanted for yourself. Now it's time to get your mind to be on the same page as your atmosphere.

This retreat will help you:

  • understand how and why your mindset is holding you back

  • learn how to start reframing your mind with affirmations & other tools

  • learn how self care can help maintain a positive mindet

  • Learn how to use yoga to release stress and trauma from your body

This retreat will also automatically give you access into an exclusive members only 6-month program with me for only $350 a month. This members only program comes with biweekly coaching sessions, a monthly mini retreat in Philadelphia (and online), 35% off of the spring retreat, and 15% off of 3 tickets to our first ever graduation & fundraising gala that will be held in July 2023. You'll also be able to apply as an alumi to sit on our board of directors or be the presidennt of one of our community committes for a full year.

Join the waitlist!

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