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Hey, I'm Kishna🫶🏾

Hey you, thank you for coming to my site! My name is Kishna, and I am a God-fearing wife, mother, friend, and business owner- in that order! I've implemented and managed youth development programs for the last 18 years, working with kids from ages 6-22. I've created, facilitated, and sustained both after-school and summer programming in Philadelphia and in Georgia with a degree in Social Work and several clinical certifications in trauma-informed practices. 


During COVID, I decided to take those program development skills and transitioned into providing trauma-informed coaching & programs for the past 2 years within the Philadelphia community; now, I partner with the Philadelphia Charter School system to provide trauma-informed emotional development programming to youth. I also opened up a wellness center, Soul Healn, to provide trauma-informed body-movement therapeutic services to the community, and we provide one-on-one and in-person trauma counseling, therapy, and coaching. 

Did I mention that I  published several trauma-informed self-help books, including "Life's Lesson on Love" to guide people into healing and self-love? If you are in the season of self-love, leaving a bad relationship, or are trying to transition into a new season in your life, check out the digital copies below. 

Now to the serious stuff! Lol. I am certified as a Trauma & Resiliency Coach, Trauma Support Specialist, Clinically Trained Trauma Coach, Parenting & Relationship specialist, Domestic Abuse Advocate, and youth development specialist. Nervous system regulation and emotional development are the main focus of all of my services, with the goal of guiding individuals into a soul rest.

Books Written & Published by Kishna:

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Emotional Healing

Dealing with issues like sexual assault, domestic violence, overwhelming stress, and other extreme emotional traumas, Kishna focuses on trauma-informed methods to guide individuals through skill-building and practical tools to overcome their toughest moments and be reborn into a healthier, happier version of themselves.


Self Care

By understanding the difference between true self care and pampering, Kishna assist individuals with finding the perfect activities to give them rest, peace, and refreshment so that they can better tackle their next days. 


Stress Management

Having a demanding job, a busy work/life schedule, or multiple things to handle in a short period of time can cause even the greatest of task jugglers to fall into stress. By understanding how to manage schedules, implementing self-care methods, and prioritizing self, Kishna provides guidance to living a stress-less lifestyle.


As Seen In

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Book Kishna to Speak

Kishna J. has been speaking for the last several years on the topics of Healthy Relationships, Overcoming Domestic Abuse & Its Traumas, Successful Business Practices, and Grant Writing 101. Kishna uses conversational speaking to deliver powerful and impactful speeches that influence change amongst the listeners. 


Kishna has helped numerous individuals:

  • Define their strengths for maximum productivity 

  • Overcome their mental and/or emotional blockages 

  • Understand their self worth and value 

  • Design their ideal life and lifestyle 

  • Create a healthy mindset 

  • Unlock communication issues within their relationships and many more!

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