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We can help you figure it out. 

Trauma Coaching focuses on working with people struggling to process one or more intense stressors in their life and creating healthy processing patterns. We value being intentional in creating a healthy mindset daily, letting go of coping mechanisms, and recreating your happiness.   Life can be hard; parenting doesn't have a blueprint; marriage doesn't have rules.

Let us help you transition into the life you deserve!


Life, Parenting & Relationship Coaching

Trauma-Informed Coaching 

  • Individual and group coaching services

    • Personal support

    • Relationship support

    • Parenting support

    • Stress & tension relieving stretch classes 

Life Parenting Relationship Coaching

Trauma-Informed Social & Emotional Development

Targeting the at-risk population, our programming aims to provide skill building, self love development, social skill development, emotional regulation, and stress management for youth within the inner cities that we serve.


Using trauma-informed practices, regulating the nervous system of youth living in a violence-filled city is the only way to ensure their educational advancement as well as their emotional health. In our eyes, the only way to stop the violence is to identify and deal with the anger fueling our youth. If we can manage the child’s emotions, we can also manage their responses to stressful situations.


We can make a difference, one emotionally regulated and healed child as a time.


The programming that we have available are:

  • Balancing M.E. Program- school & program based social and emotional development programming for students ages 8-18

  • L.I.H.T. Program- program based emotional processing program, aimed at supporting at-risk students directly affected by gun violence, domestic violence, and immediate familial deaths; children ages 6-18

  • School based emotional support

  • Behavioral support services

  • Recreational therapy

Partnering organizations & schools:

  • Mastery Charter School

  • Trust Factor, Inc.

  • Family Support Circle, Inc.

  • Shoot Basketballs Not People, Inc.


Counseling & Therapy

Social & Emotional Development

 Coaching & Counseling

Traditional Therapy

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Traditional Therapy
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