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It's time to...

 Love Yourself!

We have all been through experiences that have taught us that other people's opinions of us are more important than our own. It's time to take back our value, our worth, and our esteem. This- NOW- is our time to be the happiest version of us!

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Have you been struggling with this for a while?

Thoughts running a mile a minute, discouraging you from trying new things, taking a chance, or going after things that you really want for you

Avoiding the mirror, wearing clothes a size too big, not getting your hair and nails done because you feel like you don't deserve it or aren't pretty enough?

Staying with someone who doesn't give you peace, doesn't make you smile until your face hurts, doesn't make you feel like you are their world?

Hey, I'm Kishna J!

I Teach Women How To Let Go of Hurt & Learn How
to Love Themselves

As a Life Coach who specializes in Trauma, I see daily how hurt (through relationships and friendships) affect us mentally & emotionally and chip away at our self-esteem. 

If you are tired of hearing these negative voices tell you that you don't deserve the best; if you are tired of letting other people tell you what you're worth, if you're tired of being tired I AM HERE! 

It's time to learn how to let go of all of the noise and focus on YOU! It's time to learn how to fall in love with you all over again!

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Balancing ME Program



It's time to balance all the different parts of YOU!

This 6-month program offers:

  • Private 1-on-1 bi-weekly 45-minute coaching sessions 

  • Bi-weekly 2-hour group coaching session

  • Monthly mini-retreats (including yoga & meditation practices)

  • A complimentary Healing Journal & monthly self-care toolkit

Stressed Woman

How Will This Help?

I know you're dying to know...

  1. Gives You Permission to Trust Yourself

  2. Helps to Make Better Decisions

  3. Increases Your Happiness

  4. Fosters Better Relationships with Friends & Partner

  5. Increases Work Performance

  6. Encourages Guilt-Free Selfishness

Here's What Others Who Have Worked With Me Are Saying:

Smiling Businesswoman

I have seen quite a few therapists over the years due to severe depression/anxiety and none can compare. Kishna J is amazing and simply the best. She helped me through some of the toughest moments of my life.

Young Businesswoman

Kishna just has a way of getting through to me. Not quick to judge either. She has saved me and my marriage and I’m so grateful to her for it.

Professional Smiling Woman

Kishna J. has a natural and uncanny ability to provide unconditional support to individuals in the hardest times of life. She expertly teaches tools to assist you in unpacking the many intersections of life in a way that is truly authentic and meaningful.

Smiling Woman

Kishna has a GIFT! I was amazed at how expertly she coached me through a challenge I was having with my son. For several days after just one session, I kept thinking about how she seemed to understand my situation and how to help me move forward.

Image by Christina @

Kishna is super sweet, a great listener, and a professional. Being there and providing me with the tools and giving me great advice to manage my stress, achieve my goals, and calling me out on my bs.

Sign Up Today!

Balancing ME
Coaching Program

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Balancing ME
Coaching Program

Balancing ME
Coaching Program

Black Friday Bundle

Get Started on Your Journey, Today! 

For Just $350 per month!!

Total value: $6,575!

Bonus Items Included!

A complimentary ticket to the graduation celebration in July 

25% off of ALL B.L.K. retreats as an Alumni

The opportunity to apply to sit on the board of directors for 1 year

Let's Begin Your Self-Love Journey Today!

Image by Andrijana Bozic


Can I use my insurance?

Unfortunately, these services are private pay and such cash and electronic payments are the only options.

What if this doesn't work for me?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked.

How soon will be able to see results?

You only get what you put into it. The more intention and effort you put into doing the work, the sooner you will see the results of the program. 

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