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I'm Coach Kishna J. and I am a trauma specialist. As a coach, I help people overcome their trauma, build up their self-worth and value, and empower them to move forward into a better life!

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Balancing Life and Kids, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides emotional and mental support to individuals going through suffering, guiding them into healing, health, and hope. 

Trauma Coaching focuses on working with people struggling to process one or more intense stressors in their life and creating healthy processing patterns. We value being intentional in creating a healthy mindset daily, letting go of coping mechanisms, and recreating your happiness.   Life can be hard; parenting doesn't have a blueprint; marriage doesn't have rules. We can help you figure it out. 

The truth is that we all struggle with balancing our emotions...

Relationships - dealing with communication issues, time management, trust & fidelity...

Parenting - wondering if we are doing it right and being afraid to ask for help, dealing with a co-parent that doesn't provide the help that we need...

Personal life - unhealthy relationships, self-growth, mommy/daddy issues, self identity/awareness, self-worth...

Let us help you transition into the life you deserve!


Hi, I'm Kishna J.


Serving People is My Passion

If there is one thing that people should know about me, it’s that I am a problem solver. In my life, in my business, in my relationships, in parenting- if there is a problem I have to find a way to solve it. Which is how I got started in this journey. I was faced with several problems for which I had to figure out solutions, and those solutions ended up helping other people when I started to share them online. 

I always had the gift of helping people work through their issues. I didn't know it then, but I was helping people heal. It wasn't until years later that I realized that I had this unique gift. 

They say that people who go through the toughest battles are destined to help other people. I didn't understand why I was going through so many difficult situations- hitting rock bottom, being in an abusive relationship, fighting for my kids and my life- until I looked back at how much my blogs helped people. I went through hell so that I could help people get through their hell. 

Life, parenting, relationships, and healing all have no blueprint and are the most difficult things to deal with in life. I, by no means, have all of the answers, but I do know a lot about how to fight to make it through these things. Through personal experience, schooling, and hands-on experience, I help people heal. 

I can help you too. 

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Here are three ways we can work together to start your journey to a better balanced life

1-on-1 Coaching 

Intensive coaching done with the coach and coachee which directly allows for a deeper dive into the mental and emotional state of the coachee. This method allows for 75 minutes of intense reflection, accompanied with problem-solving, and creating a space in which the coachee will find and maintain peace. This coaching method focuses on trauma-informed life coaching, parenting, or relationship coaching. We can also combine all 3 into one session if necessary. 

Group Coaching

Group coaching allows for up to 10 people within the same coaching program to come together to work on like issues. This allows everyone to hear and receive feedback not only from the coach but from their peers as well. This program is 12-weeks long and comes with lessons, homework, a community forum in which questions and feedback can be posted, and online resources that are self-paced to accompany your coaching program. This program is designed for parenting, relationship, and trauma-informed life coaching. 

Coach Training

Becoming a new coach can be scary- figuring out your coaching style, creating a mindset that will lead you to be an impactful coach, putting together a coaching program- these are all things that can make a person put off this beautiful coaching journey. As a coach trainer, I work with new coaches to unlock their potential, dig deep within to figure out their unique coaching style, and assist in creating a path that will lead to your ultimate coaching success. 

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Book Me to Speak

Kishna J. has been speaking for the last several years on the topics of Healthy Relationships, Overcoming Domestic Abuse & Its Traumas, Successful Business Practices, and Grant Writing 101. Kishna uses conversational speaking to deliver powerful and impactful speeches that influence change amongst the listeners. 


Kishna has helped numerous individuals:

  • Define their strengths for maximum productivity 

  • Overcome their mental and/or emotional blockages 

  • Understand their self worth and value 

  • Design their ideal life and lifestyle 

  • Create a healthy mindset 

  • Unlock communication issues within their relationships and many more!

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